Oh yeah! I like him?very
much. Would like to see him when he grows up.

He is precious and I would trust someone to dye my baby girl with animal friendly paint as well. It isn't toxic and this is just to darn cute!

super picture I can use this in a genetic presentation at work!!

As long as it was pet-friendly dye, done correctly and responsibly, I have no problem with this. That puppy is going to get so much attention for its hair-do, I sincerely doubt it will mind one bit and it'll be all the more socialized.

here is animal safe hair color, that is usually temporary. Its not like the people who are against this do anything to stop it. There are dogs in inner cities with the # 500 shaved in the side of them as part of a sick hunting game. And people complain when someone uses Photoshop or dog safe hair color. Go save the world...in the comfort of your own home lol.