You aren't wrong about the entire world being magic and illusion. That is true of everything we perceive. But the teachings of the new age community are wrong when they attribute the magical world to be a projection of a person or under the control of a person (law of attraction, creative visualization, etc.) The truth is the person is one of the magical illusory objects being projected onto th
screen of consciousness. It has ZERO power. So most of what newagers have been taught about their personal creation of reality, the law of attraction, excluding things from their consciousness, is all lies, disinformation.

It's true that the legitimate teachers of true ancient knowledge said something that sounds almost similar, that YOU are the source of mind and thought, and that mind is the source of the world. But they never meant that thoughts come from the person. They were always clear about the fact that a person is just a thought, and that so long as one is identified with a particular thought, one is bound by the limitations of that thought.

If you disagree with what I am telling you here I suggest that you check it out and conduct an experiment. Pick an object in your house, for example a broom. Then exclude gravity from your consciousness and visualize the broom floating across the room in mid air by itself. Conduct this experiment all day long, or for 10 days straight, or for 100 or 1000 or ten thousand days and let me know if facts change depending on where a person puts his attention. Enlightenment is not the creation of delusion. It means ceasing to create and believe in delusion.